Our Lady’s School in the District of Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka has a long standing history which goes back to 1902 when it was initiated by the Irish Nuns of the Good Shepherd Order. In 1956 it became a Semi Government school and was maintained as a Primary School for both boys and girls up to 2010. Although the School conducted classes up to Grade 5, the parents of students were faced with the dilemma of finding a school after Grade 5 and thus made persistent and earnest request with the administration of the School to consider extending the School at least upto Grade 10. The Good Shepherd Order was unable to accede to this request due to several limitations. It was through the consistent prayers and pleas of the parents year after year that His Lordship the Bishop of Kandy, Rt. Rev. Dr. Vianney Fernando decided to intervene and initiate the extension of the school. A building which was operated as a Hotel was provided and thus began the Upper School of Our Lady’s on 17th January 2011 with the First Rector of the School being Rev. Fr. Shiwantha Rodrigo of the Diocese of Kandy.

The First Batch of Students consists of 122 in Grade 6 and the Hotel Rooms were converted into Classrooms. That temporary building was only suffice space for Grade 6. All the possibilities were tried to look for a piece of land in the town for the extension of the school but failed. His Lordship the Bishop of Kandy, Rt. Rev. Dr. Vianney Fernando fully understanding the need for the growth of the school was generous enough to donate a piece of land in the outskirts of Nuwara Eliya town (about 3 Kms away) for the construction of the new school with gradual extensions. Thus we initiated the construction of the first building for the school in Ruwan Eliya (also called Black Poo) in June 2011. The first building consisting of 10 classrooms was constructed from the donations received from the parents, well wishes and the Bishop himself. Thus the building was declared opened 4th January 2012 and the classes commenced for Grades 6 and 7 with 234 students on roll. The main building was equipped with an IT lab, a Mini Science Lab, Staff rom and an Office. Old existing building of the Parish of Nanuoya were used as Dancing Room and the School hall.

As the school grew from strength to strength there was the urgent need to prepare the infrastructure for the upcoming classes and the schools second building was planned for another 16 class rooms. As the building proceeded its construction first four class rooms were opened for the children on 4th January 2013 for grades 6-8 and the strength of the students was 341 with 15 member Academic staff.


To form children with a perfect blend.


We intend an integral development of each child with intellectual, social, and physical formation with a deep rooted spirituality.

Present Situation of the School:

The first phase of the New Building was declared opened for the students on 6th of January 2014 with 8 class rooms. The building also comprised of space for the Mini Library and the Music room. In addition to the playground in front of the Main building little plot of land which was used for cultivation earlier was turned into a Net ball court and as an additional play area for the school. The strength of the students in 2014 with Grade 9 as the most senior group becomes 418 with a 26 member academic staff with 3 volunteer teachers. Non-academic staff increases to 4 members.

As the construction progresses for the completion of the second phase of the new building we intend to open the 16 class roomed new building in January 2014 providing space for the classes upto G.C.E. (O/L) in 2016.